Rice University


Molecular Underpinnings of Biological Systems

Living systems are assembled from biomolecules, consisting of proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids, sometimes modified by bound sugars. These macromolecular assemblies interact with each other and with a variety of small organic molecules. Physics has made seminal contributions to our understanding of biomolecular structure and concomitant function and some of the leading practitioners of molecular biophysics are CTBP members. This situation has given us the unique opportunity to expand the frontiers of this field in several directions, often by combining the expertise of disparate groups. In fact, CTBP does not directly support our established work in molecular biophysics, work that is not at the intellectual frontier; yet, we encourage the participation in CTBP activities of students/postdocs working on core problems both for the positive effects it has on their development and to provide an immediate outlet for newly developed tools and concepts.