Rice University


Research Highlights

2015 Research Highlights

 Topology, Structures, and Energy Landscapes of Human Chromosomes
 Dimeric Interactions and Complex Formation Using Direct Coevolutionary Couplings

2014 Research Highlights

 MicroRNA-Based Regulation of Epithelial-Hybrid-Mesenchymal Fate Determination
 Toward Rationally Redesigning Bacterial Two-Component Signaling Systems Using Coevolutionary Information

2013 Research Highlights

 Single Molecules in an Extension Clamp (Suzuki & Dudko)
 BioFilms (Warren & Hwa)
 Implicit-Solvent Models for Biomolecular Interactions (Li & McCammon)
 The Pleotropic Hormone Leptin (Haglund & Onuchic)
 Genomics-Aided Structure Design (Sulkowska & Onuchic)
 Competing Mirror Images in Protein Folding (Noel & Onuchic)

2012 Research Highlights


2011 Research Highlights


2010 Research Highlights

 Single-Molecule Rupture Dynamics on Multidimensional Landscapes (Suzuki & Dudko)
 Detailed Analysis of Drug-Protein Binding Environment (Setny, Wang, Cheng, Li, McCammon & Dzubiella)
 The Art of Science (Smith, Ben Jacob, Olson & Levine)
 Bacteria Provide New Insights into Human Decision Making (Schultz, Onuchic, W...